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What is Amendment 1?

During the 2007 Legislative Session, the Nebraska Legislature voted overwhelmingly to place Amendment 1 on the ballot.

Nebraskans will have to opportunity to vote on Amendment 1 during the 2008 Primary Election which is to be held on May 13th.

Amendment 1 would update Article XI, Section 1, of the Nebraska Constitution which was put in place over a century ago in 1875.

Primary Election Ballot Language

A vote FOR this amendment will authorize the Legislature to permit certain communities to invest public endowment funds in the same manner as would a prudent investor. The communities, acting with care, skill, and diligence, would be responsible to act exclusively to protect and benefit the endowment investments subject to limitations as the Legislature may provide.

A vote AGAINST this amendment will retain the existing, more limiting restrictions on such communities' ability to invest public endowment funds.